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How time flies

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Someone pointed out to me the other day that the blog hadn't been updated since 2018! 2019 was a difficult year for us; my mum and dad, who live in North Wales, were both very ill from January 2019 until their deaths in November and December 2019. I spent every other weekend in Wales with them and to give my sister a bit of respite. So 2019 passed in a bit of a blur. My New Year resolution was visit old friends in 2020 you all know how that has turned out! Any bookings that we had in the Spring of this year were refunded or moved to later this year or to next year. However as soon as the Government said that we could re-open on 4th July we were ready to go. We read lots of documents about cleaning and minimising risk as far as possible, we have the Visit Britain "Good to Go" accreditation and made lots of adjustments to the huts. All cushions, throws, tourist information etc was removed. We bought new pillows, duvets and mattress protectors and these are changed for each let. We use the steam cleaner to clean the floors, soft chairs and curtains. The full details of everything we are doing is available on request.

One of the advantages of our site is that we provide individual wet rooms to each hut or camper, we have a maximum of 6 wet rooms so we will not have more than 6 groups of people staying here. We also made the decision to open our swimming pool; it is outdoors and we do not have changing rooms as people use their wet rooms. We therefore felt that there was minimal risk. We keep the name and telephone of the lead party member in case we need it for Test and Trace.

During lockdown we had glorious weather and we often wished that we could be sharing the site with our lovely visitors.

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