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Not going to make a living as a blogger!

We have had a couple of very busy years following Covid. In fact in 2023 and 2022 we closed the site from the end of October as we needed to rest. There have been a few changes here: I have retired from working at the local primary school and so Andrew and I and a friend, Carl, are concentrating on trying to keep the site tidy and organised. We have gone from having all our children at home together with some of their friends to not having any here. As usual though they tend to leave lots of things behind when they go!

The pigs, goat and cockerels have also moved on with their owner. We may investigate keeping animals here again but are having a rest from them first. There is still lots of wildlife here including a mother muntjac deer who lives in the woods with two generations of offspring. The tawny owls and bats can still be heard or seen.

There is a school mobile with decking around it (it was actually a mobile that I worked in at school) that has arrived. It contains washing up facilities for campers and a room for social gatherings for rallies/groups during wet weather.

Spring is on its way here, snowdrops and primroses out and the daffodils about to burst into flower. The wild honeysuckle has started to produce leaves again and there are catkins too. We hope to see old friends and make new ones this year.

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