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Catching Up

I see that I haven't posted in the blog for 6 months! I can't believe it has been that long. However we had an amazing summer with the most fabulous weather just right for the swimming pool. It is now autumn and the nights are dark. There are all sorts of berries and fungi in the woods and the squirrels have been feasting on sweet chestnuts. They have been sitting on the picnic benches which are now covered in debris from their feasts. Yesterday Maggie the Kune Kune got out of her pen and went for a wander about the woods; luckily she doesn't move very fast especially in the dark so it didn't take us too long to find her and get her back home. Last bit of news; the pool now has a marquee over it to keep out the leaves and to keep some of the heat in. Hopefully this means we can still swim during the colder, darker months.

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