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Autumn Glory

We have been busy since the end of the summer. Andrew has begun work on the open air, heated swimming pool which will hopefully be completed by next year. Jacob's Folly is welcoming its first guests this weekend, at the moment it can still only sleep two as we are awaiting ladders from Fakenham Fabrications. New animal residents have arrived; a Kune Kune called Maggy and Parsley and Basil who are pygmy goats. The sweet chestnuts have been dropping their prickly cases and the ground is covered. When they fall they are a lovely bright green but they quickly turn to brown and the squirrels break them open to get at the nuts inside. The leaves of the beech and American red oaks have turned red and are now dropping. In two and a half weeks Holt lights will be turning on, a sure sign that Christmas isn't too far away. Holt looks particularly beautiful when the Christmas lights are on.

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